Stainless steel is essential in various industries, as its anti-corrosion characteristics offer reliability and efficiency in demanding environments, guaranteeing hygiene, longevity and aesthetics in important industrial applications.



In salmon production, where facilities and equipment are constantly exposed to salt water, stainless steel is used in the construction of farming cages, processing systems, pipes and handling equipment.

Stainless steel meets the hygiene standards required in salmon production, ensuring quality and safety for end consumers.

Vaccination Tables.

Harvest Tables.

Bleeding lines.


Transport of fish to the processing plant.

Aqueducts, storage tanks with transportation and elevation system. Bulkfeeders.

Hydraulic power plants.

Bin turner.

Straight and curved conveyor/elevator belts.

Trimming tapes and counters (trimming and de-pinning).

Accelerator tapes.

Lifting belts with paddles and fish separators.

Fish gutting equipment with vacuum system

Box washing equipment

Worm screws

Viscera transport lines (vacuum and pressure)

Immersion and spraying, continuous and batch glazers.

Idler conveyors (motorized and manual).

Box conveyor belt

Continuous box sealing tapes with hot-melt application and printing

Carts and trays for smoking and freezing

Tapes for cold tunnels

Washing, sanitizing and drying equipment for javas or expanded polyethylene boxes

Sanitary barriers: Footbaths, sinks, urinals, boot washers, boot dryers and work clothes dryers

Work counters, washing counters

head cutting tables

Fillet and trim lines

Salmon Silage System (pioneers in Chile)

Head and breeder crushers

Fume extraction hoods

Control and force boards

Automation and process control.


Thanks to its resistance to corrosion, stainless steel ensures a long useful life of equipment and structures with reduced maintenance, which brings greater operational efficiency and lower long-term costs.

Cages, tanks, pumps and pipes are made from stainless steel, as it is easy to clean and resistant to the formation of bacteria, making it an ideal material for applications in the aquaculture industry.

Mussel seed classifiers.

Mussel seed sowers.

Hydraulic power plants.

Bin turner.

Elevating belts.

Bulkfeeder for mollusks.

Equipment for shelling (diclumper), washing and classifying mussels in shell.

Carts and trays for smoking and freezing.

Tapes for cold tunnels.

Auger conveyor screws

Husk silos.

DAIRY Industry

In dairy production, from milk collection to processing and packaging, stainless steel is used in the manufacture of storage tanks, pasteurization equipment, pipes and transport containers.

Its resistance to corrosion guarantees product integrity and hygiene throughout the process, avoiding contamination and ensuring food quality and safety.

Straight and curved conveyor/elevator belts (fresh and mature cheeses, bags, boxes, etc.).

Polin ribbons.

Cheese presses and molds.

Salting tanks, sieves for dipping cheeses.

Platforms and work tables

Box sealing tapes (hot melt system), labeling machines

Freezing carts for cold chambers


Sanitary barriers: Footbaths, sinks, urinals, boot washers, boot dryers and work clothes dryers.

Special parts: calenders, piping, machined parts, etc.

Remote automation of equipment and systems in Process Plants.

Hydraulic power plants.

Bin turner.

Milk tanks

Treatment ponds.

Control and force boards

Automation and process control.

ARCHITECTURE and Urban Equipment

Due to its durability, versatility and aesthetics, stainless steel has a range of applications in architecture, such as railings, handrails, cladding, facades, streetlights, benches, signage and public furniture and building structures. Its resistance makes it ideal for urban environments where it is exposed to the elements and pollution.

Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice for urban areas where the appearance and longevity of structures is valued.

Signage and signs.

Public protection elements. (Railings, bollards and containment barriers).


Drinking fountains.

Elevating belts

Sinks and urinals.

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